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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon, thank you for joining us for the news at noon. french authorities investigating what led to the apparent terror attack in the resort town of nice. dozens of people including many children were killed when the driver of a truck with loaded guns and gr
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through a crowd gathering for bastille day celebrations. we get the latest. >> cell phone video showing french police approached the truck captured by this man, moments earlier he saw the driver swerving his direction. >> i started shouting at him stop, stop. i saw him, he left the wheel and he was moving very nervously. and he took something and all this time we thought it was an accident. i thought he was trying to call the ambulance. >> chaos and confusion for more than one mile along the nice waterfront, this photographer heard screams through his apartment window. >> bodies are everywhere. people were trying to save their loved ones. we were seeing people pass away basically. there was nothing anyone
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do. >> an american took this video as she fled the scene. >> running, like women with children on their arms. running and you just kind of can't help but run with them. you have no idea what you are running from. >> one witness said it was much later the shooter learned and she knew what she was running for. >> a sign of solidarity and support. >> a summer day outside the embassy of france as people stop blowing dosh -- by to show support. at a time when words seem inadequate, walking by the embassy draped in the french flag. >> i wanted them to know that someone is supporting them.
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>> he is not french and he has never been to france but this is the second time he has worn the flag in as many days. last night he wore it to a bastille day celebration. >> i thought i should words -- where it there because of the celebration and then i decided to where it is my. >> more signs of support outside the embassy where extra security is in place. apprehensive americans stopped by to plan their trips to france unsure if they should visit the country facing so much tragedy and terror. >> it does make things harder. if you are here because you know you're not sure if you want to cancel your plans altogether but you are inclined toward it. i would say maybe more than 50% may cancel their plans or postpone for next year. hoping the situation will be better. in a few months. >> it is crazy and it
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bad people in every corner of the world. >> at the embassy in france, wusa9. >> the story continues to evolve, we will follow developments out of nice and you can do it by downloading the free wusa9 app and sign up for the push alerts. rinse george's county police have wrapped up an investigation from eighth friendly fire shooting that killed jacai colso. officer taylor krauss shot and killed the officer by mistake, we learned a grand jury will not indict for the accidental shooting. he was killed in march after three brothers launched an unprovoked shootout at police headquarters, the officers family is disappointed that no charges will be filed. family and friends are saying goodbye to 37-year-old alton sterling, a live picture of his funeral, the faer
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outside a store in louisiana last week. video of the death went viral and helped spark a black lives matter protest, many of them nationwide. a volunteer aide accused of sexually abusing children at an elementary school is going to court, set to face a prince george's county judge last month the grand jury indicted him on 270 counts prosecutors say the charges cover the sexual abuse of 23 children ages 9 to 13. the incident happened at sylvain your words elementary school. one of the three suspects involved in the police shooting through the third street tunnel in dc goes before a judge according to police he was a passenger in the getaway car when another occupant fired a machine gun at officers on tuesday. after the vehicle crashed jones ran off before being arrested. the other two were arrested at the vehicle, the incident forced the capital and the surrounding office buils
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spoke -- >> things are beginning to heat up on your friday, not going to be quite as hot as yesterday, humid but it will feel hot and humid outside as well. there is a hazy look outside right now, partly to mostly cloudy sky, despite that, temperatures warming to the 80s, they will be in the 90s this afternoon and it will feel more like the mid to upper 90s in some spots, 84 leesburg, washington 86, andrews 85. you will notice the heat index already running near 90 degrees. this afternoon we will see a cold front moving in, that will spark a few isolated showers. what does that bring for the weekend? slightly cooler temperatures, a look at the rest of today, isolated shower or storm otherwise we make it to the low to mid 90s, check out the weekend
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latest forecast by downloading our wusa9 app. you do realize it is not the best day to stay outside for a long period of time it will feel like a scorcher. we caught up with people at the national mall, some of them trying to squeeze in a workout for the heat losing. >> the national mall is a hotspot for drivers, we have seen plenty out here some of them with water bottles in hand and a plan to beat the heat. >> it doesn't feel great. >> she tried to avoid it with an early morning run but on days like today she said her idea of early feels late. >> i missed the early morning cool weather. it is pretty hot out here. >> it was evident as joggers walkers and bicyclists hit the streets some of them telling us they are prepared. >> i bring a lot of wa h a squi >> he had some pokimon go fun on the way to work, no
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complaints about another day in the 90s. >> i was born in florida so i can deal with it. >> for those who can't it is a good idea to stay hydrated, find shade wear a hat and light clothing. reporting from the district wusa9. still ahead, caught on camera, an elderly man is eaten within an inch of his life. neighbors had plenty to say but why didn't anyone help him? first it is official. donald trump takes to social media to tell the world who will be his running mate. we invite you to join us this evening at 6:00 for our next installment of a special we call race, and onyx conversation. we examine the current relationship between the police and the current
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an amber alert facing an extradition hearing. she was arraigned yesterday in parental abduction charges wanted in fairfax county for allegedly taking her six week old daughter on wednesday after being notified the girl was being removed from her custody. two years since the rocket exploded in the virginia island and nasa is ready to blast off once again. the commercial space company will send a resupply rocket to the international space station in august, the launch will be from virginia. the first since nasa exploded. the accident caused more than $13 million in damages to the pad. before you make your plans this weekend, make sure you hear the forecast, coming up right now. hot and humid today, not quite as hot this weekend but i am tracking a few
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campaign 2016, a terror attack in france impacting the race for the white house, trump and clinton both responding to the attack with bows to fight terrorism, donald trump canceled his plans to make an announcement about who his vice presidential running mate would be. craig boswell with the latest. >> donald trump and hillary clinton wasted no time weighing in on the terratec. >> this is war. if you look at it, this is war, coming from different parts. >> it is a war.
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different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it. >> clinton says a new intelligence search would be a top priority if elected, she says it is critical for american intelligence agencies to work with partners in the muslim community at home to keep america safe. trump says these attacks are only getting worse and he would do extreme betting before allowing muslims to enter the u. s. from countries where terrorists operate. >> people look for a sense of control whether they have a five-point plan or not they want them to frame the moment, explain why things will get better. >> trump was scheduled to introduce his vice presidential pick but postponed because of the attack. trump sent out this tweet announcing indiana governor mike pence will be the running mate. they will have a news conference saturday morning, he arrived in new jersey to prepare for the big announcement. craig boswell cbs news, the >>ite house.
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for reelection for governor but had to withdraw his candidacy because state law prevents him from running for both offices at the same time. changes will just keep coming to get the latest on campaign 2016 any time on your phone just download the wusa9 app. a vicious beat down caught on camera in brooklyn, cameras outside the salvation army headquarters captured the attack on a 75-year-old man, people walked by and did nothing to help. the suspect seen kicking him over and over again, the images so violent police froze the video where the attacker kicked him in the face. the blow that knocked him out. some living in the neighborhood are not surprised. >> my windows are right there. the whole neighborhood has become disgusting. >> they must not care if they get caught, there are cameras everywhere.
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>> police say robbery was not the motive, the attacker did not take anything, i don't know what triggered the violence. the victim is recovering. 33 days since a navy official threatened to shoot three young men in front of the street in front of his house in virginia. we spoke to one of the young men seen in the cell phone video, he and his friends left a barbecue and were returning to their car when they were confronted. he accused them of being drunk and said that gave him a justification to shoot. he said he wasn't drunk. >> it plays a part in the fact that he called me names and the fact that if i go to police for issues they don't seem to take me seriously. >> the navy has put him on
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administrative leave and police say they are investigating the case. the zika epidemic plaguing latin america likely burning itself out over the next three years at least that's what british researchers are saying, scientists say that while the spread of the mosquito borne virus cannot be contained they believe cases will diminish because once a person is infected, anti-bodies make them immune from catching it again. if you don't like gmo in your food you will have help avoiding them soon, a new category on food labels, a new law requiring most packages to carry a text label or symbol indicating if it contains gmo's. the agriculture department will have two years to write the rules, there is a bill headed to the president's desk he is expected to sign it. something to think about before you throw a huge mistake or burger on the grill,
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red meat may increase the risk of kidney failure by as much as 40%. experts suggest ditching the red meat for poultry fish eggs or other sources of protein that are lower risk. pokimon players could end up behind bars and one new jersey mother has her own version of the game very funny. larry miller has that and more. >> we are waiting to hear what a judge will say about a pair of pokimon players in a while. the two men could get sentenced behind bars for jumping the fence at the toledo zoo caught on security camera around 2:00 in the morning thursday.>> i've got a crazy idea, let's jump the fence that's all. >> do you regret?>> yes, i do, it wasn't the most responsible thg but got to catch them all. >> they are lifelong pokimon fans. meanwhile a woman has her
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mommy version of the game. the app tells you wear glasses of chardonnay are located around the neighborhood. you sit and go to the next one. the video is getting traction online and at last check had more than 77,000 viewers. ghostbusters hits theaters today, early reviews of the movie have been generally positive, it seems more men are enjoying the movie. the film is expected to grow's $50 million. that is what is trending. i'm wusa9's larry miller. is just too hot to do that. water is a better idea today. >> this weekend not as hot but it will feel like we are in the 90s throughout
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the mid-atlantic that is what we are dealing with today. we are heading for the 90s in some spots by the afternoon a
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everybody is getting one here is the game changer, why temperatures are not as hot, the next cold front coming through tonight will drop temperatures down briefly for the weekend before the front moves back as a warm front monday sending temperatures back up into the mid-90s. this afternoon, mostly cloudy at lunchtime and then the 90s partly sunny skies and isolated shower or storm possible this afternoon otherwise hot and humid, 95 in dc, 93 in leesburg, 93 fredericksburg. again, factoring in the humidity a lot of spots going to feel like near 100 degrees. if you are going out to a national park later today, if you don't want to sit in the heat watch it on wusa9, the first pitch 7:05 feeling like the 90s. only falling down to the mid- 80s by the end of the game.
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a brief break from the heat this weekend, heat index close to 100 today, tomorrow and sunday back near the average, right around 90 degrees, notice by monday we talk about the next warm front lifting north it will send temperatures into the mid-90s. feeling like summertime it is summertime make sure you are using caution not spending too much time outdoors because of course it will be very hot and humid. here is the futurecast, isolated shower or storm today, tomorrow afternoon the best chance of seeing some south and east of dc itself and then for sunday we see chances going down a bit more, the weekend not too bad feeling like summertime. 95 this afternoon, 89 for saturday, back in the low 90s for sunday. back to the mid-90s monday and we cool off after scattered showers and storms tuesday we are back
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coming up tonight on "wusa9 at 5:00", sentencing day for a gang member convicted of a gruesome murder. the latest on a truck driver behind a deadly attack in france and we will hear from the woman seen in this iconic photo. weatherwise going to be hot and humid with an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon, most of us will stay dry, for tomorrow and sunday you will notice to butchers not quite as hot, there will be showers and thunderstorms around, hit or miss mainly south of dc. tomorrow toward monday right back into the mid-90s showers and thunderstorms
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>> the humidity will stick around for a while? >> at least overnight. have a great day everybody, try to stay cool.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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>> neil: jack. i got here as fast as possible. >> jack: yeah, thanks for coming by so quickly. >> neil: you sounded upset. what's going on? i mean, is everything okay with -- with phyllis, or...? >> jack: why would you ask that? >> neil: after what she went through -- >> jack: oh, the -- the whole hostage thing. yeah, that... it was hard on her. stirred up a lot of old emotions about victor, things she's been struggling with. >> neil: yeah. little overwhelming, huh? >> jack: so much so she took a room upstairs. >> neil: she moved out? >> jack: she said she needed some time alone. >> neil: wow. i'm sorry to hear that, jack. >> jack: well, thank you. that's not why i called you here. uh, i've been doing some thinking. um... there are some things i want to change at the foundation, and i want to run them by you first. >> neil: really? what -- what kind of things? >> jack: i think it's time we let go of hilary.


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